M2M automated inventory management

Regardless of the industry you work in, with our eLogistics platform all suppliers can be integrated into one single inventory management system. Alongside the external inventory management, this system can also be used for your intralogistics. eLogistics can assume communication between the site and central warehouse or between various production stages.

Process cost optimization: How big is your savings potential?

Following a comprehensive analysis of your individual procurement situation, we will develop a logistics concept with various options for you. The overarching aim of all measures proposed by SFS is to sustainably reduce your inventory management costs.

The new tag: centerpiece of all M2M solutions

The core of all new SFS logistics systems is the tag, also called Sensor. It takes over communication with the controller as well as with mobile end devices and shows you the delivery status at all times.

  • Status message on labels - the tag not only shows whether an order has been triggered but whether the delivery is already under way.
  • Autonomous detection of new labels - with NFC technology the tag automatically recognizes new labels and notifies the system of the changed item.
  • Express order - with the function card, the delivery of an already triggered order can be accelerated.
  • Integration of mobile end devices - with the smartphone or tablet utilizing the SFS Logistics app, item information and order statistics can be called up.

System Comparison

turnLOG ® 2
Simple order triggering by turning the container to access the reserve supply

pushLOG® 2
An order is triggered at the push of a button and is ideal for C-parts and bulky items which cannot be stored in containers.

weightLOG® 2
Fully automated order triggering if the container content dips below a predefined weight.

Simple order triggering when an NFC card touches the dropLOG tag. Ideal for items in cupboards and drawers.

Using a smartphone or QR scanner along with the SFS logistics app, the order is triggered and confirmed in the app.

"M2M by SFS" logistics app

Full control of all item and system data

With the new logistics app by SFS, users of the M2M systems get access to all information regarding their SFS logistics system. Item data, order status, order history, sensor status and lots more data can be called up at any time on site. The app also makes it possible to trigger express orders, to process current orders or request item mutations. With labelLOG® the order process even takes place via the logistics app.

M2M by SFS features

• Compatible with turnLOG®, pushLOG®, weightLOG®, dropLOG® and labelLOG®
• Connection to tag via bluetooth or via EAN-Scan
• Item data, order status and order history
• Delivery status
• Process current orders
• Trigger express order
• Request mutations
• Call up system data (e.g. container weight with weightLOG®)

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