WB timber fastener

Threaded rod for maximum efficiency in lateral tension reinforcements

With the WB system diverse applications become feasible. For example cross connections, breakthrough, notches, connections, saddle roof beams with curved bottom strap, curved beams, main-secondary beam connections, etc. implemented extremely efficiently.

Thanks to the very high tensile strength, fewer threaded rods are needed. The loading transmission takes place exclusively via the toothing of thread - the time-consuming processing of gluing is eliminated. The fully embedded threaded rods are invisible after installation without impacting the roof structure. The option to have the product cut to a specific length and the extensive accessories offers the greatest possible application and customer benefits.

Product information

  • Headless threaded rod
  • High tensile strength of 115 ksi (800N/mm2)
  • Available cut to length
  • Easy application without glue
  • Approved and monitored

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