Timber Construction Fasteners

A range of fasteners for structural timber applications

We provide a range of technical solutions for structural joints and reinforcements for the timber construction market. The depth of range provides designers with a selection of innovative products allowing design concepts to be realized. Economical and efficient, SFS customized fastening solutions for timber allows for safe and efficient deisgn without compromise

A complete range for designers and installers

Our extensive product portfolio can be used across a wide range of typical applications:

ConnexTite™ HT partial thread
Structural wood fastener designed for a wide range of applications in timber construction
Flange and countersunk head; carbon or stainless steel

ConnexTite™ HT full thread
Structural wood screw designed for connections and reinforcements in applications requiring high demands
Flange and countersunk head; carbon or stainless steel

ConnexTite™ CC
Double threaded timber fastener for the permanent connection of wooden components

ConnexTite™ WR
Full thread fastener for connections and reinforcements

ConnexTite™ WS
Self-drilling dowel for an economical wood-steel connection

WB timber fastener
Threaded rod for maximum efficiency in lateral tension reinforcements

VB timber fastener
The leading and proven method for timber-concrete composite floors

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