ConnexTite™ HT full thread

Structural wood fastener

Experts in the timber construction sector value the advantages of ConnexTite™ HT fully threaded screws, because they are specially designed for connections and reinforcements in structural timber applications which require high demands. The optimized full thread profile is ideal for transmission of high tensile and compressive loads in structural timber applications.

The revolutionary point and shank geometry makes work quick and easy; just position the screw and drive it home. With no preliminary drilling or countersinking required, there is less risk of cracking; regardless of whether used with soft timber or hard, high-grade timber.

Product information

  • Transfer of high tensile and compressive loads via the full thread
  • Reduced edge and center distances
  • Fast and simple to use
  • Available with flange or countersunk head
  • Flange head also available in stainless steel

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