ConnexTite™ CC timber fastener

The powerful double thread fastener for the permanent connection of wooden components

Thanks to the revolutionary tip with milling ribs, the ConnexTite™ CC system is reliable even in difficult mounting positions. Compared to conventional fasteners, the design and installation speed is faster and more precise. The low screw-in torque combined with high load capacity of the fastener create a solution for innovative design concepts in timber construction.

The unique thread geometry ensures a contraction of the components and the very small edge and spacing distances provide efficient connections for all your projects.

Product information

  • Very high load transfer
  • Fast installation
  • Varied pitch double thread tightly draws members together
  • Low edge and spacing distances

Download our brochure for structural timber applications

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For more information, contact:

in the U.S.:
» 1-800-234-4533

in Canada:
» 1-866-847-5400