Snow Retention Products & Systems

The secret behind S-5!® snow retention holding strength is the setscrews. S-5! average ultimate failure load on the 2-screw clamp is in the range of 1,600 - 2,400 pounds -- that's three times that of competitor clamps!

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The only snow retention system good enough to be warranted for the life of the roof. Unlike other snow guards that yellow and fail over time, ColorGard's unsurpassed holding strength controls snow migration with a perfect color-match that lasts the life of the roof.

SnoClip™ and SnapClip™ aluminum components retard the migration of snow and ice beneath the ColorGard system.

To help design a ColorGard system for your purposes, use the S-5! Snow Retention Calculator

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DualGard™ is a complete, 2-pipe snow retention system created for those who prefer a pipe-style snow retention system with the strength, testing, quality and time-proven integrity. The system utilizes two anchor points per bracket, and can be engineered for structural adequacy and backed by independent lab testing.

SnoRail™ and SnoFence™
Offered in aluminum or brass, S-5!® snow fences are designed to manage snow migration on standing seam metal roofing. Their clean lines, cylindrical shapes and high-tech appearance make these snow guards the favorite choice of architects and roof designers for traditional standing seam and sheet copper roofing.

SnoRail - One SnoRod™ is inserted through the S-5-ASF or S-5-BSF clamps, positioning it just above the panel seams.

SnoFence - With an assembled SnoRail System, simply thread one SnoPost™ into the S-5-ASF or S-5-BSF clamp, and then add a second SnoRod 2” above the first.

SnoClip™ - Aluminum components retard the migration of snow and ice beneath the SnoRail or SnoFence system.

VersaGard™ is compatible with almost any trapezoidal, exposed-fastened profile. Installation is simple since VersaGard is mounted in the flat of the panel, directly into the supporting structure of the roof, i.e. wood decking, wood or steel purlins, or trusses. VersaGard comes with factory-applied butyl sealant already in the base, and the S-5!®-patented reservoir conceals the sealant from UV exposure, preventing drying and cracks

X-Gard™ pipe retention systems dramatically reduce the risks associated with rooftop avalanches, maintaining the clean lines of the roof! X-Gard can be designed and engineered on a site-specific basis, and lasts as long as the roof itself. It can be designed as a one- or two-pipe system spanning up to 48". No other pipe snow retention system on the market has proven stronger than X-Gard.

X-Clip II™ and X-Clip II™ are optional components that can be added to your X-Gard snow retention system to further retard the migration of snow. X-clip has a special integrated rubber "foot" to prevent abrasion of the panel's finish.

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