Mechanical fastener technology for industrial light-weight metal buildings

A pioneer in power tool fasteners offering a wide spectrum of products, backed up by comprehensive application expertise

Metal to Wood Screws
The proven, most reliable metal-to-wood fasteners in the industry. Available in a variety of sizes and materials to meet your building requirements.
• woodGrip™
• Long-life capped: woodZAC®, woodMAC™, Prisma™
• Long-life 300 series stainless: everGrip® HWH & TORX®, aluminum panel woodGrip™

Metal to Metal Drill Screws
A wide range of high performance self-drill fasteners for the commercial metal building industry.
• Impax™ drill screws - HWH, sealer and utility options
• Impax™ long-life drill screws - ZAC® , MAC™, Prisma™ and 410 SS
• SX Stainless drill screws - available in HWH, irius® and TORX® head styles

Metal to Metal Self-Tapping Screws
A selection of Type A, AB and B self-tapping fasteners available in zinc-plated carbon steel or 304 stainless steel
• Carbon steel
• Stainless steel

Standing Seam Panel Clips, Fasteners and Bearing Plates
One convenient source of supply for all your standard or customer specific standing seam panel fastening requirements. Clips are available in a wide variety of materials and gauges for snap lock, mechanical seam and architectural panels.

ConnexTite™ Structural Wood Screw
Structural wood screw ideal for single and multi-ply truss, column, header and joist applications.

S-5!® Rooftop Attachment Solutions
S-5!® metal roof clamps and brackets, from SFS intec, provide the solution to mount almost anything onto standing seam, exposed-fastened and corrugated metal roofs.

Closure and Venting Products

  • VistaFoam™ closure, designed to close gaps in roof and sidewall applications available in most panel profiles.
  • ProfileVent® ridge ventilation, designed for commercial and residential metal roofs, provide the largest installed net free area for maximum air flow.
  • New Hip & RidgeVent™ is a new universal vent product that fits any screw down metal panel profile 1/2" to 1-1/2".

Pipe Flashing and Sealant Tapes

  • Hannoband® BG1 seals joints in metal panels, gaps around door and window frames and expansion joints in buildings.
  • Butyl sealant tape is ideal for side and lap sealing of metal panels, roof vents and pipe flashing.
  • Pipe flashing boots are available in square, round and retrofit configurations.

Blind Rivets and Grommets

  • A broad selection of blind rivets for the secure attachment of light gauge applications. In addition to American standard blind rivets, our product offering includes GESIPA® BULB-TITE®, MEGA GRIP®, PolyGrip® and extra length metric rivets. A complete line of GESIPA® rivet installation tools and accessories is available.
  • Grommet fasteners allow for one side attachment of fiberglass panels.

Tools and Accessories
For the installation of fasteners.

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