Joint Sealant, Tape and Pipe Flashing

Hannoband® BG1 Joint Sealant Tape
Use for sealing joints and seams in metal panels, gaps around door and window frames, and expansion joints in buildings

• Pre-compressed, self-expanding polyurethane foam
• Acrylate dispersion impregnation
• Resistant to rain, wind, sun/UV, sound, draft and dust
• Pressure sensitive adhesive for fast and easy installation
• Flame retardant

Product Data Sheet - PDF, 0.19 MB

Butyl Tape
Designed for side and end lap sealing of metal panels, roof vents and pipe flashing

• Superior adhesion
• Exceeds sealing requirements for AC, refrigeration and windows
• Extruded on silicone coated paper for easy application
• Withstands extreme roof temperatures
• Seal not affected by normal movement of building

Product Data Sheet - PDF, 0.09 MB

Pipe Flashing
Square and round base; and retrofit pipe flashing

• Clearly marked pipe diameter on each flashing
• Easy to customize on job site
• Resistant to ultra violet rays, cracking or weathering
• Available in EPDM black or gray and red silicone
• Corrosion resistant aluminum base
• Conforms easily to panel and roof pitch

Product Data Sheet - PDF, 0.31 MB