Metal to Wood Screws

No one makes quality screws quite like SFS. Every element—from corrosion-resistant heads to milled points for fast installation—was designed to help builders fasten metal to wood with optimal results. Diverse product lines like woodGrip™, woodZAC® and EverGrip® enable customers to find the perfect screws for their specific roof cladding or attachment project. Browse our online selection or call 1-800-234-4533 to talk with a member of our team about our metal-to-wood fasteners.


woodGrip™ Screws
• #9-15 woodGrip
• #10-15 woodGrip HiLo
• #12-8 woodGrip XG
• #14 Type A Milled Point
• #12 woodGrip Lap
• #10 woodGrip LP

Long-Life Capped Fasteners

• #10-15 woodZAC HiLo
• #12-8 woodZAC XG
• #12 woodZAC Lap
• 1/4-14 ZAC Type 17-AB

• #10-15 woodMAC HiLo

Long-Life 300 Series Stainless

everGrip® Bi-Metal
• #9-15 everGrip HWH
• #9-15 everGrip T25 Drive

woodGrip™ Stainless
• #9-15 Aluminum Panel woodGrip

Build with the best by partnering with SFS for your wood-to-metal screws. We created the first rust-free drilling screw over three decades ago, and our hunger for innovation hasn’t slowed since. Builders the world over rely upon our fasteners to secure their roofing, facade, cladding and timber construction. Our metal-to-wood screws redefine industry standards through their strategic usage of materials and design features which improve installation and performance. Talk to the SFS team about which of our many fasteners best fits your needs.