Flex5 Selectively Hardened Fasteners With Grade 5 Performance


  • Curtain wall applications
  • Rainscreen and cladding
  • Faster fastening than a traditional Grade 5 bolt and nut
  • All fenestration systems
  • Solar panel systems connecting aluminum to steel

Features & Benefits

  • Made from alloy steel
  • Manufactured with a selective hardness heat treat process
  • Grade 5 specification performance (RC28-34)
  • Higher hardness for drill point and lead-in threads (min. RC52)
  • Lower hardness of load bearing area
  • Increased ductility helps prevent hydrogen embrittlement

Product Specifications

Diameters: #10, #12 and 1/4"

Head Styles: Hex Washer Head, Phillips Undercut Flat

Thread Forms: 10-16, 12-14, 12-24, 1/4-14, 1/4-20

Drill Points: SD3, SD4, SD5

Finish: vistaCorr™ - proprietary coating providing improved appearance, corrosion resistance, durability and installation performance. Salt spray per ASTM B117 - 1,000 hours

Head marking: Flex5 products are easily identifiable with unique head market

Intertek CCRR Evaluation Report

Flex5 product offering is listed on Intertek Evaluation Report CCRR-0347

CCRR-0347 Report - PDF, 0.68 MB

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» 1-800-234-4533
» us.construction@sfsintec.biz

in Canada:
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