ConnexTite™ Structural Wood Screw

Ideal for single and multi-ply truss, column, header and joist applications

  • Large flange maximizes clamping force for the tightest connections
  • Countersunk head provides flush finish with wood surface
  • Aggressive thread design draws connections together for fast assembly
  • Special point cuts through the densest lumber without splitting
  • T-drive provides a positive stick fit allowing for one handed installation
  • Proprietary coating meets or exceeds corrosion resistance of hot dipped fasteners coated in accordance with ASTM A153
  • Compatible with pressure treated lumber
  • Approved for structural connections per IBC 1603
  • Installs using standard impact gun or screw gun (2000-2500 rpm)



Flange or countersunk head with deep T-drive recess provides positive drive


Ribbed point eliminates splitting


Reamer knurl reduces driving torque


» Trusses » Joists » Stair stringers
» Headers » Support frames » Structural insulated panels
» Columns » Purlins to wall » Engineered lumber
» Purlins to roof » Deck framing  

Evaluation reports

For further technical information, and available fastener sizes, refer to TER 1609-08.

TER 1609-08 is a code compliance report that was written, published, and can be PE stamped by DrJ Engineering. This report summarizes the ConnexTite fastener's ability to meet the performance standards that are mandated by the International Building Code, as well as state and local building codes. DrJ Engineering is an ISO/IEC 171065 accredited product certification body that is deemed to be competent to perform product certifications in accordance with section 104.11.1 of the International Building Code.

Technical information and state engineer stamps, visit:

TER report:
TER 1609-08 report for ConnexTite™ - PDF, 0.56 MB

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» 1-800-234-4533

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