Rainscreen Facades & Fasteners

SFS offers a wide range of rainscreen fasteners for a secure installation of your building façade. All fasteners are designed to meet the aesthetic, strength and sustainability requirements you demand.

Nvelope Rainscreen Cladding Support Systems
Our Nvelope Rainscreen Support Systems are developed for supporting even the most demanding cladding materials. Concealed fastened, exposed fastened or customized solutions are available.

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Rainscreen Facade Panel Installation (HPL, Fiber Cement)
Stainless steel and aluminum fasteners to install HPL, fiber cement or other cladding panels to aluminum, steel or wood. Fasteners can be painted to match your panel color.

Fastening products in this category:
• SX3 dome head 304SS and 316SS bi-metal self-drill
irius® SX3 304SS bi-metal self-drill
• AP16 aluminum rivet
• SSO-D15 316 SS rivets
• BULB-TITE® rivet
• TDA-S-D16
• TW-S 304SS and 316SS tapper
• TU-S hidden HPL fastener
• TUF-S hidden HPL or fiber cement fastener
• TUC-S hidden fiber concrete fastener
• Tools, drill gauge and accessories

ACM Systems
Fastening solutions for Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) systems and rainscreens

Fastening products in this category:
• #12-16 ACM Screw
• SLA3 304 SS self-drill
• SD3 wafer head 304 SS self-drill
• SA6 304 SS self-drill
• TDA Phillips flat head 304 SS self-tapping
• MEGA GRIP Rivets

Curtain Wall Solutions
Fastener solutions for a safe installation of your curtain wall system.

Fastening products in this category:
• Flex5 carbon steel Grade 5 performance self-drill
• SX3 304 SS bi-metal self-drill
• SX5 304 SS bi-metal self-drill
• SX14 304 SS bi-metal self-drill
• Customer specific solutions

Insulated Metal Panel
Stainless steel fasteners to install insulated metal panels to steel or wood.

Fastening products in this category
• SXC5 304 SS bi-metal self-drill
• SXC14 304 SS bi-metal self-drill
• BULB-TITE rivets
• Tools and accessories

Sub Frame Installation
Stainless steel fastener for fastening aluminum framework together.

Fastening products in this category
• SX3 304 SS bi-metal self-drill
• SX5 304 SS bi-metal self-drill
• SX14 304 SS bi-metal self-drill
• SDA5 Full 316 SS self-drill
• Bi-Met 300® series self-drill

Structural Metal to Metal
A direct screw connection to replace nuts and bolts in metal rainscreen systems and other support support structures.

Fastening products in this category
• TDBL self-tapping bolt

High Corrosive Environment
For rainscreen and other projects in a high corrosive environment, SFS offers a variety of 316 stainless steel fasteners.

Fastening products in this category
• SX 316 SS bi-metal self-drill
• TW-D12 316SS tapper

Colors - vistaCoat Paint System
All products can be color matched to your cladding panel

Fastening products in this category
• Spray paint
• Powder coat
• vistaCoat Premium System

Your choice in facade panel materials and installation plays a key role in the aesthetic and integrity of your building, particularly in regards to rainscreens. Therefore, rely upon clips and fasteners that meet the highest building standards to ensure lasting results.

SFS earned its reputation as an industry pioneer through evolving design and testing practices, guaranteeing that our rainscreen fasteners are amongst the best. We work closely with our customers to provide the necessary tools, consultation, and training. Call 1-800-234-4533 to learn about our various rainscreen systems and fasteners, as well as how we can help you meet your goals.

Find the SFS fastener color code matched to your OEM panel

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