Off-site and Modular Construction

We know that it's all about speed, cost, quality, reliability and sustainability when it comes to a construction, building or design project. Our passion lies in supporting customers with a solution focus that makes us the recognized provider of outcomes with high customer benefit. Our control of the entire value-added chain and related processes, coupled with our willingness to adapt, makes SFS the ideal partner when it comes to advanced construction practices such as off-site and modular construction.


• Structural wood fasteners
• Thermally broken wall framing systems for continuous exterior insulation
• Exposed and concealed cladding fasteners
• Blind rivets
• Hinges
• Self-drilling fasteners
• Sealants and adhesives
• Concrete fasteners
• Fenestration and window installation fasteners

Find out more about our fastener and attachment products:
Cladding fasteners, structural wood fasteners, concrete attachment, metal to metal fasteners, Nvelope cladding support systems


• Metal, wood and concrete substrates
• Drain back ventilated wall systems
• Exposed and concealed fastened wall cladding
• Steep slope metal roofing
• Low slope single ply roofing
• Window and door assembly and installation
• MEP installations

Basically, anything you dream to fasten together within the building envelope and interior


• eLogistics
• Customer formed parts and development
• In-house structural and environmental testing
• Painting and custom color matching
• Expedited service options
• After sales service and technical support
• Private labeling and custom packaging
• National distribution locations


SFS is a world leader in automation and setting tool technology. Our experience in the automotive industry makes SFS the ideal solution provider for automated fastener installation in factory settings which:

• Increase productivity
• Ensure accuracy
• Can be customized to customer requirements
• Optimize the entire value added chain

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