TPR-L Peel Rivet System

For insulation and membrane attachment to problematic roof decks

The TPR-L Peel Rivet System is a two-piece, aluminum magnesium alloy fastener used in combination with the TAURUS®2 Peel Rivet setting tool. This system is ideal for insulation and membrane attachment to problematic roof decks

  • For use in decks where threaded fasteners cannot achieve required pull-out values.
  • Provides improved pull-out values in light gauge or problematic steel decks.
  • Corrosion-resistant components for corrosive building environments.

TPR-L Rivet

• Material: Aluminum magnesium alloy
• Head: Low profile mushroom
• Head dia: .480"
• Shank Dia: .225"
• Installed Dia: 1.65"


• Pneumatic-hydraulic setting tool
• Specially developed for TPR-L Peel Rivets
• Required for all installations
• Air connection Ø: 6mm (1/4")

SN2 Tong Rivet Tool

• Hand operated setting tool


  • Pre-drill diameter for all substrates is 7mm (9/32")
  • The TAURUS®2 specially designed pneumatic pulling tool is required for all installations
  • Note: Reduce maximum clamping length by ¼" when fastening to wood fiber or fragile substrates