isoweld Induction Welding System

Innovative induction welding roofing system which welds adhesive coated plates to single ply membranes. Learn about the machinery, components and tools SFS offers builders.

isoweld Differentiated Features

• FM Approvals Class 4470 Certificate of Compliance
• 1-step calibration
• Hand-held inductor
• Constant monitoring of membrane surface temperature
• "x2" welding - two membrane thickness
• 3-way weld verification
• Plate-finding search function
• No "false positive" welds

isoweld Application

• PVC and TPO single ply membrane: 35-90 mils
• Polyiso insulation
• High density cover boards
• EPS insulation
• Foil faced insulation
• Mineral wood insulation
• Parapet wall welding

Isoweld Induction Welding Roofing System

isoweld Backpack

The isoweld Backpack provides the same outstanding functions as the isoweld 3000 stand-up tool but with greater speed and agility. This makes it the most portable and versatile induction welder for installing single ply membrane for roofing.

isoweld Backpack product sheet
isoweld Backpack system component product sheet

isoweld 3000 Stand-up Tool

Includes isoweld 3000 tool, calibration template, instruction manual, plunger cup and 5 replacement protective pads for inductor. This induction welding roofing tool set comes packed in rugged shipping/storage case.

Hand-held Inductor, Unique Functionality

Provides the same secure weld function in tight spaces, near rooftop protrusions and on parapet walls.


A set of 6 or set of 12 specially designed isoweld magnets, used for clamping and cooling of the weld. Detachable handles allow for use in tight areas and parapet walls. Supplied in their own shipping/storage case.

Fastening Components

Plates with proprietary adhesive coatings uniquely designed for use with isoweld on PVC and TPO membrane

#15 Dekfast fasteners available in lengths: 1-1/4" to 28"

Product data sheet, PVC and TPO - PDF, 0.27 MB

FI-Pad Cardboard Spacer

Use in combination with isoweld TPO or PVC plates when installing thermoplastic roof membrane over EPS or XPS insulation.

Product data sheet - PDF, 0.25 MB

The isoweld® Backpack

The isoweld® backpack is the all-in-one, easy to use induction welding system for roofing

Isoweld calibration video

Instructions on calibrating the isoweld tool with the new template

Watch how isoweld system works