isoweld® Induction Welding System

Innovative induction welding system which welds adhesive coated plates to single ply membranes

isoweld® Differentiated Features

• FM Approvals Class 4470 Certificate of Compliance
• 1-step calibration
• Hand-held inductor
• Constant monitoring of membrane surface temperature
• "x2" welding - two membrane thickness
• 3-way weld verification
• Plate-finding search function
• No "false positive" welds

isoweld® Application

• PVC and TPO single ply membrane: 35-90 mils
• Polyiso insulation
• High density cover boards
• EPS insulation
• Foil faced insulation
• Mineral wood insulation
• Parapet wall welding

isoweld® System

isoweld® 3000 Stand-up Tool

Includes isoweld® 3000 tool, calibration template, instruction manual, plunger cup and 5 replacement protective pads for inductor. Packed in rugged shipping/storage case.

Hand-held Inductor, Unique Functionality

Provides the same secure weld function in tight spaces, near rooftop protrusions and on parapet walls.


A set of 6 or set of 12 specially designed isoweld® magnets, used for clamping and cooling of the weld. Detachable handles allows for use in tight areas and parpapet walls. Supplied in their own shipping/storage case.

Fastening Components

Plates with proprietary adhesive coatings uniquely designed for use with isoweld® on PVC and TPO membrane

#15 Dekfast fasteners available in lengths: 1-1/4" to 28"

FI-Pad Cardboard Spacer

Use in combination with isoweld® TPO or PVC plates when installing thermoplastic roof membrane over EPS or XPS insulation.

FI-Pad cardboard spacer data sheet - PDF, 0.22 MB

isoweld® calibration video

Instructions on calibrating the isoweld® tool with the new template

Watch how isoweld® system works