isotak® Thermal break fastening system

For attachment of membrane and insulation reducing thermal bridging in flat roof and cold storage construction applications.

The isotak® two-part fastening system guards against thermal bridging, providing exceptional protection from heat loss or heat gain.

isotak® Fastening System provides:

  • Immediate cost savings through energy conservation
  • Cost savings through utilization of shorter fastener lengths
  • Reduced thermal conductivity
  • Improved insulation performance
  • Secure thread engagement
  • Flexibility for expansion and compression, eliminating pop-ups due to insulation shrinkage, weight or foot traffic
  • No breaks in threaded connection


Fastener Head: Countersunk head, drive T25

Fastener Head Dia: 0.358"

Thread major Dia: 0.250"


Material: Polypropylene, PP

Plate dia: 3" round

Shank Dia: 0.590

The combination of sleeve and fastener length will determine the minimum and maximum build-up thickness the system can accommodate, with a maximum thickness up to 18".