Fasteners for Low Slope (Flat Roofs)

For more than fifty years, SFS has delivered fastening solutions to worldwide markets. Our attention to detail, diligent testing and pursuit of innovation makes us the top choice for commercial low slope (flat roof) application.

Flat Roof Fastening Solutions with Dekfast™

Dekfast, an innovative and proven solution, is designed, manufactured and tested to achieve compliance with Factory Mutual (FM) 4470. Having a wide variety of materials, thread styles, point geometries, finished and installation applications, Dekfast is a preferred choice for insulation and membrane attachment in wood, steel and concrete decks, as well as flat roof fastening needs.

#12, #14 and #15 fasteners for the attachment of insulation and membrane to flat roofs.

Stress Plates
Plates specifically designed for the attachment of insulation or membrane; Factory Mutual and Miami-Dade County approved.

Specialty Products
Wide product offering of fasteners to address the unique requirements of special applications, retrofits, substrates and problematic roof decks.

Productivity Solutions for Flat Roof Fastening

SFS offers stand-up roofing tools to increase productivity and provide ergonomic benefits to roofing contractors. Having used SFS tools, contractors have reported significant rooftop productivity gains for insulation and membrane attachment. In some cases productivity is "3x" faster. isofast and isoweld are unmatched in the industry and provide contractors with the edge required to get on and off of the roof more quickly.

isofast System for Insulation and Membrane Attachment
One-step process for plate and fastener installation is 3 times faster reducing labor costs and time on job.

isoweld Induction Welding System
Innovative induction welding system which welds adhesive coated plates to single ply membrane.

TPR-L Peel Rivet System
Taurus 2 pneumatic-hydraulic setting tool used to install the TPR-L Peel Rivet, a two-piece aluminum magnesium alloy fastener for insulation membrane attachment to problematic roof decks.

Stealth - Pre-assembly Tool
Installs pre-assembled #12 Dekfast fasteners with 3" round insulation plate; increases productivity and allows contractor to install the roof assembly in a more ergonomically correct position versus standard installation methods.

Job-Site Solutions

SFS provides rooftop consultation, training and start-up support at no cost to the market. Our rooftop training programs are geared towards creating customer confidence and competence with all of the Dekfast brand offerings as well as our productivity tools. Job site solutions include:
• pull tests
• project start-up
• rooftop crew training

Office-Based Solutions

Supporting the Dekfast brand is our highly differentiated eSolutions service offering. eSolutions is a web-based application which streamlines customer order placement, tracking, invoicing and much more. eSolutions empowers customers to be in control of their material requirements. Using eSolutions will lead to improved order accuracy and reduced supply chain costs.

Learn more about eSolutions.

SFS - Your Comprehensive Solution for Your Flat Roof Fastening Project

From the manufacturing of Dekfast products to ongoing training, SFS provides comprehensive answers for your flat roof fastening needs. Let us help you complete your next project with maximum efficiency and results. Talk with a team member today about how to partner with us today.