A wide range of technologies enable us to produce ready-to-fit parts

A spectrum of secondary operations is our basis for completely fulfilling individual customer requirements.

Ultra-modern infrastructures are in place supporting our in-depth know-how across numerous techniques and technologies.

A range of processes adding the finishing touch to components represents a vital adjunct to our key core manufacturing technologies. Secondary operations may be carried out on widely available standard equipment, or achieved using special-purpose, custom machining centers built to meet specific customer or project requirements more efficiently than standard machines.

For further information please visit our SFS intec Group website.

Secondary operations

  • Secondary forming
  • Machining
  • Heat treatments
  • Surface finishing
  • 100% attribute test and inspection
  • Cleaning and cleansing
  • Secure and seal coating
  • Assembly work


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Detailed information

For further information please visit our SFS intec Group website