Cold forming: a core technology offering massive potential benefits

SFS intec has been offering the tremendous benefits of cold forming as a cornerstone technology since the company's foundation in 1960. Maximum returns are generated above all in mass production of components.

Made-to-measure solutions for diverse applications

This intelligent cold forming process can be used for any malleable metal or its alloys. Starting with a blank—generally a length of wire cut from a roll—the final component is generated in two-to-six successive deformation steps; the blank taking on at each stage the shape of the die into which it is pressed.

For further information on how SFS can harness cold forming technology to accomplish your goals, call us at 610-376-5751.

Utilizing cold forming technology comes with many benefits:

  • Reduction of manufacturing costs and waste. The cold forming process is uniquely designed to produce minimal scraps, resulting in less costs associated with recycling and related manpower.
  • Quick production without losing accuracy. Complex products can be achieved using a single process rather than relying upon several machines which would increase production time and costs.
  • Reliable strength. The cold forming process uses work hardening to achieve material and design tensile strength. An additional benefit includes the reduction of fracture points.

Cold Forming Technology Product Range

Builders and manufacturers worldwide rely upon SFS for the production of essential parts through the use of cold forming technology. With more than 60+ years of experience, we’ve perfected this production process to maximize strength and efficiency without compromising on accuracy. We’ll work closely with you to meet your unique needs, timeline and budget. Contact us at 610-376-5751.


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