Coronavirus Update: US-Division Construction

​Statement Concerning Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

SFS Groups USA, Inc. - Division Construction (SFS) continues to closely monitor developments with respect to the Coronavirus. First and most importantly, we continue to monitor the situation as it begins to spread in the US & other countries and we are taking the appropriate actions to ensure our employees have a safe and healthy working environment.

At this time, SFS is not experiencing any disruptions in our Global Supply Chain for the products that we supply to the US Construction Market.

Since the world today relies on Global Supply Network, there are concerns that there may be impacts in the future that are currently unforeseen at this time. The cross-border nature of the global supply chain, the availability of machinery components and the logistical movement of products could potentially experience disruptions.

SFS realizes this situation remains very dynamic; information continues to change day-to-day and we will continue to provide updates as we learn more and understand potential issues. Please be aware that we are taking all necessary actions to minimize the impact to our customers

Throughout this situation, SFS remains committed to providing the high level of service and communication that our customers have come to expect.